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Rental Milan apartments offers accommodation in Milan Italy mainly for international students, who will study in Bocconi University, NABA and Domus Academy and other international universities based in Milan for a semester, full year or full time. Many are exchange students from places like New York, San Paolo, Munich.

Currently we manage about 40 apartments with really “All inclusive” price range per month
(max. 2-3 guests depending of the house and I don’t offer any rooms):

Loft/studio and 1 bedroom apartments in Milan €1,290 – €2,040, maximum 2 guests

2 bedrooms flats in Milan €1,920 – €2,580, maximum 2 quests, some 3.

3 bedrooms houses in Milan €2,160 – €2,670, maximum  3 quests.

You can also find out how is living in Milan as an international student and make sure to read also how to find apartments on rent that I prepared as an local to make your flat hunting easier.

You can check out all our apartments on rent in Milan from here:

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