Useful to know before arriving in Milan

Good to know before arriving in Milan as a student Helpful tips from mainly US students that we interviewed would have wanted to know before arriving Milan. Learn a bit of Italian, as much as you can before you come I’d say the first thing, and this was some advice that I got before I […]

Living in Milan as a Student Tips

Useful tips from mainly US students, that we interviewed, who mostly studied in Bocconi University. Usually it’s their first time they are in Milan and stay for many months for full semester, some for full year and few also for full 3 years. Living in Milan Italy, good to know Everything is closed on Sunday. There’s only […]

Living in Milan as an American student

Weird things to expect when heading to Milan as an American (cons) Living in Milan as an American Student has been an amazing experience, but there are some things you need to watch out for before you live in Milan or anywhere in Italy. Firstly is going to be the language barrier, it is rare […]

17 Tips for students in Milan

Useful tips for International students who come to study in Milan Italy: Before you arrive Start to look housing asap you are accepted to an university in Milan, its never too early When you find something suitable, if possible visit it or ask somebody you trust to visit the flat for you If its something too good to be […]

Exchange student 1st time in Milan in January

If you are an Exchange student coming to Milan/Italy for the 1st time in January 2018, probably you start to be quite excited: in less than 2 months, you’ll have a great experience! Joy, excitement, worries…a lot of emotions! I’m Ottavia, I’m Italian and I live in Milan, I’m the manager of the website We […]

Student Housing Milan

Student Housing Milan – Video Reviews Bocconi University student review from Athens, Greece Constantinerented “Susy” apartment for 1 semester. “I am renter in Ottavia and Siim Rental Milan here in Milano in a new fully renovated apartment near Bocconi. I’m going from my apartment by walking for 15 minutes. The apartment is very good, Rental Milan […]

Istituto Marangoni students

Istituto Marangoni students Video Reviews Apartments for rent near Istituto Marangoni Milan Natalia from Russia Natalia is staying in “Elisa” apartment for 7 months, student of Instituto Marangoni from Russia. “Hello, my name is Natalia and I’m here. I’ve been studying in Marangoni University. I’m from Russia. So I’ve been renting, leasing Milan apartment for seven […]

US Students studying in Milan

US Students studying in Milan in Bocconi University Students Kate and Sabrina from US review “Kate: Okay. Hi, I’m Kate and this is Sabrina, and we’ve been living at the “Bocconi” apartment for the last four months. We’re both from the United States, and it’s been a great time. Sabrina: The booking process was really […]

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