Bocconi students from Europe

Bocconi University students Video Reviews from all around Europe

Daniel from Germany

He stayed here in Milan with his girlfriend for 6 months in “Navigli” apartment and they went to Bocconi University.

“Hello my name is Daniel, hello my name is Christina. We stayed here in this apartment for 6 months. I studied this time in Bocconi University which is about 10 minutes walk from here. The best thing about this apartment is the location. Its really very central in the Navigli area which means you can reach bars, restaurants and all the main spots very quick.

Also the train station-the subway station is very near so you can reach any location in Milan very fast from here. The apartment is very nice. A bit small for 2 people but I think when you are in Milan you dont have to stay too long in the apartment so for us it was really okay. Do you want to add anything (to his girlfriend): No it was very close to our university, the walk was not very far. It was perfect for this 5 months.”

Jass from Sweden

He stayed in Milan, “Navigli” apartment, in the month of september to study in Bocconi University. He enjoyed the most, studying in the balcony and that the apartment was quiete, not to mention the location, always people around.

“S: Im Siim from RentalMilan and we are here in Navigli apartment with Jassi. Hi Jassi!
J: Hi!
S: I know that you was here 1 month and I want to ask you how you liked the apartment?
J: I liked it a lot
S: What you liked about the apartment?
J: Its very modern, I really enjoyed the balcony and its also very quiet.
S: Yeah, and about the location?
J: The location was really good, a lot of people around all the time.
S: OK, and I know that you went to Bocconi, so how long it can be walking?
J: It took me about 20 minutes to walk to Bocconi from door to door.
S: OK, thank you Jassi.
J: Thank you very much.”

Maria from Spain

She was a Bocconi University student and stayed in “Cesar” apartment for 3 months.

“S: Hello, im here with Maria from Spain who stayed in Milan for 3 months. What university you whent?
M: I went to Bocconi University.
S: How you went there and how long it take to go to the school?
M: It was very easy, basically, because the tube its super close, it was 4 stops. I went on Porta Genova and got the tram that was the tram nr. 9. And basically in 20-25 minutes I got there.
S: Ok, is there something particular you like about the apartment or around the apartment?
M: Yeah I think the area is great because its in the center of Brera so you have many things to do. Also its very close to Duomo, its 10 minutes walk and you are basically in the new part of Milan also so its great.
S: Ok and about the apartment, add something, maybe?
M: Yeah the apartment its, it looks super comfortable, it feels like home and I really think its a super nice apartment for a student.
S: Ok thank you Maria.”

David from London, UK

He’s an exchange stundent, studing in Bocconi University in Spring 2015.

“Hi, I’m David *****, from London, 23 years old now. Im an exchange student, so this is just my study here in abroad. I’m actually renting “Ripamonti” apartment right now, its very beautiful, well furnished, clean. Its right in the footsteps away from tram nr. 23 that takes you to Duomo which is literally 10 minutes away from here in Milan where everything happens. And its very convenient the place, Bocconi University is 7 minute walk. Its very quick, you just cross the park.

Its a very nice area, there are shops in the doorsteps, so if you wanted quickly you could make shopping, its very easy. Mm more about booking procedure, its very easy actually to book this apartment, the procedure it that you just select the dates that you want and its as easy as it gets. You could even take a look of the apartments before you actually get here with the Virtual Tour and its very accurate. For the rooms and even the apartment was little bit more furnished that you think so I came and there was a microwave and a television and it was very well furnished.

[quote]Very nice place to stay.[/quote]

Cosy upstairs and downstairs. You could have visitors and you could have any amount of people here. And to say what I recon the most about this place is the convenience and where it is. Quite private so its quiet and its very comfortable. And the service from Ottavias website its brilliant. Every time I need something been done she done it straight away and anyone else she sends to help me, they help me also. So its a very prompt service, im never left confused. Even extra things as well that you would not expect when you help with. Like advise where to go to eat. In Milan where to go to buy certain things for your apartment. Every quick-minute things you need help with they help you out.

It has been a good ride, and I hope it will continue to be like this. It has been a good relationship we have had. Yes I would advise you to pick this place if you want to study at Bocconi. If you would like to have the convenience to have the stores, getting in the center of Milan under 10 minutes and just being in a very central location, this is the place to be, because its a brilliant apartment.”

2 Bocconi University students review from France

2 friends, Frederic and Alexander rented “Porta Romana” apartment for 2 years.

“Hi my name is Frederic and I present my friend Alexander. We are 2 France students in Bocconi and we are very proud to present our apartment. So this is very nice Milan apartment rental, we have a big living room, plus two rest rooms that are very comfortable and its very easy to organise ourselves. We have 2 bedrooms with soft mattresses, very easy for us to live in this apartment, accommodations are very modern, we don’t have any problems with basic staff, like hot water or electricity. We have someone who can help us if there is any problems.

This Milan apartment rental is good also because we are very close to all areas, 10 minutes from Bocconi and and so I think its a very good apartment for students like us, who want to begin studies in Milano. Because example in residences, there are some restrictions, we have more freedom. For us is really nice to be here.”

Chantal from Switzerland

She is a Bocconi student and stayed in “Porta Genova” apartment for many months.

“The apartment is very good located. It’s close to Navigli areas and you can go… it takes you 2 minutes to walk there. It’s perfect for that and there are lot of restaurants in the area. Bocconi is only 10 minutes away and there is a tram stop just outside, basically front of your door, so it was perfect in therms of that.

And the apartment is great to himself. I mean, the Italian apartments, I have had my experiences with, the so far and I’ve seen this one, so far, has been very relieving, compared to the others and the location is great. It’s not very loud compared to other places. It’s pretty quiete and actually there is a gymn just outside as well with lot of sports classes and so for me it was a perfect location and I would recommend this place for everyone.”

Student review from Romania

“Hello, my name is Francesco and shes Jelana, my girlfriend. We stay here in “Michael” apartment. We rented it from RentalMilan and we made 1 month trial and we where pretty satisfied, so thats why we desided to stay more and we stay here for 9 months. My girlfriend is master at Bocconi.

We are very happy with the apartment, because its pretty quiet here and its even very close to her school and very connected with the transportations. Plus service from Rental Milan has been very very good so we can definitely succest this apartment to other people, its very good to us and I think it will be good for other people.”

Olivia From Belgium

She stayed here in Milan for 2 years in “Veronica” apartment for studies & work.

“Hi I’m Olivia, I’m coming from Belgium and I stayed in Veronica flat in kinda 2 years. I like it very much, I hav the palestra (the gym) very near by. You have lots of bars near, Navigli, lot of nice events. Living Room has lot of light, very spacious and Ottavia is very nice if you will have any troubles she will be there any day for you, so, you have to go. Ciao!”

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