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Renting Milan apartments help for foreign Bocconi students in Milan:
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Apartments for rent in Milan Italy near Bocconi University

Rentals in Milan – Bocconi University student from US

Kestine stayed in “Luca” apartment for 1 semester (4 months).

“Hi, My name is Kestine. I’m a student from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, and I studied at Bocconi University for the past four months and stayed in the “Luca” apartment. There were a lot of great things about staying here.

First thing, everything was included. I had WiFi. I had water, electricity. All the furniture. I had bed linen, kitchen supply, so everything was included in the rent which was really nice. Ottavia and Sim were available all the time whenever I needed them for anything. Whether it was about the apartment, or just about something that I needed in Italy, or easiest transportation, or anything like that.

One of my other favorite things is there’s a stop on tram 15, literally, right outside this apartment, which made it easy for me to go back and forth to school, or to Duomo, or wherever.

There’s also a supermarket that has everything that you would need one block in one direction and also one block in the other direction. There are also plenty of places to get a haircut, or your nails done, or anything like that. Also, something that made it really easy booking this apartment from abroad was that the process for reserving the apartment was really easy.

I immediately got in touch with them. Payment was easy and straightforward about everything that was included in Rentals in Milan. I never had to deal with extra fees, or extra taxes or anything like that, so it was really easy.

I would definitely recommend staying here. One more thing is if your parents are ever worried, this is a really, really safe apartment. I never felt like I was in danger here, in the private courtyard or outside directly on the street that’s out the door. Definitely made me happy to stay here during my time in Italy.”

Andrew from US Cornell University

Andrew stayed in “Albert” apartment for 4 months and was a Bocconi University student.

“Hi, I’m Andrew, im from United States and I go to Cornell University. The apartment was created. Its really centrally located and within walking distance from most things and I had a create time.”

Matt and Hunter from Vermont US

They studied for about 4 months in Bocconi university and stayed in “Giulio” apartment. They are happy with everything and highly reccomend the apartment.

“Hi my name is Matt, Im from Vermont and I studied here in Milan at Bocconi University. And Im Hunter Chambers, I did the same thing. We are been here about four months and we had a create stay here at the apartment. Its clouse to Bocconi, everything you need is in the area and Ottavia was a greate landlord, she helped us out whatever we needed. And it has a very easy access to the center of the city and really anywhere in Milan for that mather. Wonderful neighbours, the area is so nice, create restaurants, bars, we just had overall wonderful experience here. Highly reccomended.”

Bocconi University student from Geneva Switzerland

Anne-Marie and one of her friends lived in “Giulio” apartment for 1 semester.

“Anne-Marie: Hello, my name is Anne-Marie. I come from Switzerland. And we were happy here that… I was happy that my daughter find this apartment Milan. It was very well situation, location. And the service were excellent, and it helps. It is secure and very good solution for a student in Milano.

Anne-Laure: Yes, I was very happy with Ottavia and Siim, they were helpful from the beginning. Every time I had a problem, they were coming to help us, and this is really important when you move to a new city. Thank you.

Anne-Marie: Thank you, bye bye.”

Nicola from Switzerland

“Im here with my wife Carine and we desided to rent an apartment with Rental Milan. I really appreciate the easiness to rent this apartment “Seba“, its a very nice one, close to university. It was very easy to book and visit before. The location is perfect.”

Eric from South Carolina University

Eric stayed in “Colonne” apartment for 4 months and was a Bocconi University student.

“Hi, my name is Eric, im from Houston, Texas and Im an junior in Univesity of South Carolina. I came in Milan for 1 semester abroad at Bocconi University and I stayd at the Colonne apartment for 4 months and the thing I liked about the Colonne apartment was that it was in the middle of my school and the city center and it was very close to many different buses and metro stops and it was really really create allowing me to experience a lot of Milan.”

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