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 Cattolica University student Atakan from Turkey

Atakan stayed in “Daniela” apartment for 4 months.

“Hi I’m Atakan this is Sophie. I’m from Turkey, she’s from Ukraine. We stay in Daniela apartment for four months, and everything was good. I study in Cattolica so I was taking like 18 minutes for me to go to school. Sima was helping us too much to have everything in house. There was no problem in the house. It was really good. Cleaning wasn’t always in time. If you have any problem you can contact Siims he’s helping you out with.”

Luca from Brazil

He stayed in “Navigli” apartment for 4 months and studied at the Cattolica University.

“Hi, my name is Luca and Im from Brazile and I stayed 4 months in the Navigli apartment. Its very good, very central, very near to my university, Cattolica. Very cousy place, has everything you need. I would surely recommend the apartment to everyone, who wants a good stay in Milan, bye.”

Andres from Colombia

He stayed in “Leonardo” apartment for 3 months and studied at the Cattolica University.

“S: Hello, we are here in Leonardo apartment with Andres and he studies at Cattolica and he stayed in this apartment for 3 months and now I will ask him what he likes about the apartment and surroundings and what you think Andres about the Leonardo apartment?
A: Is a really good apartments, its big, its quiete, is a nice area. I have very close Romolo station, also Porta Ticinese. It was a very good service from Rental Milan o and I really enjoyed my time here.
S: Ok, thank you Andres.
A: Ok.”

Darina from Ukraine

Cattolica student, rented out “Claudia” apartment for 6 months. “Thank you Rental Milan!”

“Hi! I would like to say thank you for RentalMilan for helping me to find this apartment. Its very nice and close to the universita Cattolica. As im a student Universita Cattolica di Sacro Cuore I would like to say that this apartment is very close to the university, very close also to the city center. It takes 10 minutes, maximum 15 minutes to reach school. Maybe 20-25minutes on foot to reach Duomo.”

Cattolica University student  Ben from New York, US

Ben stayed in “Misia” apartment for 3,5 months.

“Hi, my name is Ben. I have been studying at Cattolica for three and a half months, living in this apartment. And it has everything you need. It’s cozy and the cleaning service is impeccable and there is enough space. Even though it’s small, it’s enough for the time being. And it’s in good distance to Cattolica. It’s 10 minutes by metro and 20 minutes by walk. So I think this is a good Milan apartment rental and I hope you decide or anyone decides to live here.”

3 Cattolica University students reviews from Mexico @ check-out

Diego, Ignacio and Carlos study in Milan Cattolica Sacro Cuore university for 6 months and stayed in “Isabella” apartment

“Diego: So, I’m Diego, he’s Carlos, Ignacio, and we come all the way from Mexico City. We are studying at Cattolica, Università Cattolica, which is in the city center. We came for six months to study. We started looking for apartments in Milan, and we decided this was the best one, not only because of the owners but also the location is great. I mean, we take 20 minutes, 25 minutes to arrive to Cattolica. We take the subway line, it’s one block away from here, Lotto, and then five more stops, we’re at Cadorna. From there, we just walk seven more minutes and we’re at the university in the city center.
Ignacio: We really enjoyed this apartment. It’s in a great neighborhood, very close to the San Siro Stadium which we enjoyed very much. Also, it’s very close to many amenities like supermarkets, gyms, and everything that we needed, so we were quite comfortable here. It has a very good size. It’s perfect, with the neighbors were very nice with us every time, and we really enjoyed staying here for six months.
Carlos: I was studying in NABA. I took the bus and it was also really close. I did 20 minutes to get there. The apartment was great, we lived three people here and it was really comfortable. It is very… It was great.
Diego: Yeah, we had everything we need.
Carlos: Yeah. [chuckle]
Diego: And the owner is great also. They are very accessible via WhatsApp, everything, so that’s a good thing.
Ignacio: Yeah, if we ever had a problem, they would make sure to fix it as soon as possible, every time.
Diego: Yeah.
Ignacio: So, thank you very much.
Diego: Yeah. [chuckle]”

2nd video from Diego and Carlos when they where still living here

“Hello, I’m Diego and he’s Carlos. We are from Mexico City. We arrived to Milan a few months ago. We are studying at Cattolica. We are staying at the Isabellas apartment. It’s a very big apartment for three or four persons. We are living with three friends right now with a nice living space, huge. It has the bike station just downstairs (BikeMi) and very easy access to the Metro Station that can reach the University in like 20-30 minutes. Almost any place you can arrive by subway or by bike, so it’s very convenient. Also, the attention from the rentals, it’s very personalized and they are great. Thank you.”

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