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Domus Academy student from Portugal

Sara stayed in “Michael” apartment for 2 months.

“I lived here for 2 months and I love this place because we have everything near from here. We have the metro station, the tram (nr. 3) for the city center, its near from my school, Domus Academy housing, its 10 minutes by walk. We have supermarkets and the furniture is all new and Ottavia will take care of everything so everything works. I’m so clad to rent the apartment from these people. Thank you for everything. Ciao!”

Mika from Greece

She stayed 5 months from September 2014 – February 2015. She really loved “William” apartment and the location was perfect.

“Mika: Ok, aa
Siim: Hello Mika! We are here in William apartment and I just would like to know how you like the apartment and… yeah.
Mika: Hi Siim. I love this apartment. I found out about RentalMilan online. Its a greate company. Its is… It has helped me a lot to adjust in Milan. The apartment I stayed is beautiful. It was very close to my university. I went to Domus Accademy.
Siim: How long you stayed here?
Mika: I stayed here for 5 months.
Siim. And about the location?
Mika: The location is perfect. Its close to Navigli. I go everywhere by walking or I could take a bike but everything is close by. The tram (nr 3 and 9) is next to the via Pietro Custodi wich is where the building is. Aa, and the metro is only 10 minutes away (Porta Genova/ Porta Romana).
Siim: OK, thank you!”

Domus Academy students from Thailand

3 girls stayed in “Silvia” apartment near Domus Academy for one full semester.

“Girl 1: Hi. We are from Thailand. We came here for a study, a year in Milan. It’s very easy to walk to the Domus Academy, it takes only 15 minutes or, you can catch the tram that’s only three minutes from here.
Girl 2: I think the apartment is very nice, very cozy. Everything quite perfect because it’s all inclusive, like in the website said. The agency’s very nice, the owner very nice.
Girl 3: Yeah, we got every facility we need and WiFi and every picture just looked like the real apartment, and the agency answered the email immediately whenever we want anything. It’s perfect.
Together: Yeah, we’re happy.”

Domus Academy student from Malaysia

Tiya lived in “Nelson” apartment for 1 year.

“Siim: Hi, I’m Siim. We are here in Nelson apartment with Tia. Hi, Tia.
Tiya: Hi.
Siim: How long you stayed in the Nelson apartment?
Tiya: I was here for about a year.
Siim: Okay. And you studied where?
Tiya: I study at Domus Academy.
Siim: Okay, and you went there with public transport, yes? And how long it was to go there, total? What…
Tiya: I would say it would take like roughly half an hour to get there.
Siim: Okay. And there is something especially you liked about the apartment?
Tiya: Yeah, like the decoration was really good. And then the size is really good.
Siim: Okay, and the terrace maybe?
Tiya: Yeah, yeah, yeah. The terrace was really good. It’s kind of like my favorite corner of the house.
Siim: Okay, okay. And then supermarket, how far is…
Tiya: The nearest one would be PAM. It’s just two blocks away, so I would say, not more than 10 minutes to reach there by foot.
Siim: And you had also all the other things you did here around, just around the apartment?
Tiya: Yeah, exactly, like I… Like there’s a tram number 14 right in front of the house, so I can easily go to Duomo.
Siim: Okay. Also half an hour, I think?
Tiya: Yeah, like half an hour.
Siim: Okay. Thank you.”

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