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FIFA Masters student from Argentina, living in Miami, US

Mathias as been here in Milan for the past 2 months already.

“My name is Mathias, im from Argentina. Ive been here in Milan for the past 2 months already, im one of the FIFA Master students from the 15th edition. Its been a create experience here in Milan. We find this amazing place “Luca” from There was a link that was provided truh our coordinator, Chiara, months earlier before coming to Milan. We looked online, everything was clear, everything that was on the site was very nice. And eventually when we came and live here it was a create show. Ottavia and Siim, they where create with us. Like replying any messages and call, even on sundays. Im sorry for all the sunday messages! but its been a create time and I hope whoever is next will enjoy this apartment Milan as much as we did as well. Thank you.”

Stuart from South Africa, a FIFA Master SDA Bocconi student

Stuart stayed in “Daniela” apartment for 3 months

“Hi, I’m Stuart from South Africa living in London. I’ve been studying at Bocconi University doing the FIFA Master’s for the last three months and had the opportunity to stay in Daniela Apartment through Rental Milan. It’s a fantastic apartment, exceptionally well-located, about 10 minutes away from the university by walk.

The supermarket is just around the corner, called Pam. It’s got everything that you need. The area that we’re in, Porto Romana, is brilliant. There’s a lot of bars and restaurants. The underground station is no more than 500 walk away.

And yeah, in terms of the apartment, it’s fantastic. Everything that you need is already provided and you get very, very well looked after. So I couldn’t recommend it enough. And if you get the opportunity to come to Milan, certainly see if you can get the apartment. Thanks.”

Marcelo from San Paolo, Brazil

He’s an exchange stundent, studied in Bocconi University in Spring 2009.

“For me was a pleasure to be back in Milano and stay with the Rent Apartment Siim and Ottavia, 6 years ago I rented amazing place in Via Meda for three months “Otty“. This time it was a short stay, just for 2 nights, for eastern. Nice, beautiful place in Milano. So I really would reccomend the apartment and the service and everything. They care a lot, they are good friends, ok, besides all of this, but im just?talking how professional they are so towards this apartments. So I reccomend all of you, when coming to Milano, to contact them from their website Yes! :D”

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Ottavia Tagliavini

Hello, I’m Ottavia Tagliavini, your local personal assistant, the manager of this website since 2007 and the owner of the apartment called Otty. How can I help you?

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