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Istituto Europeo di Design IED Milan student 

Ben stayed in “Lara” apartment for many months.

“I’m 29 years old. I came here in February. Siim and Ottavia helped me to rent a beautiful apartment here in Mila. I loved it. They’re very nice. They always come, they always help me, they always fix stuff. They always ask me if I need anything. The house is actually in the heart of Milan. It’s a beautiful area next to the river, and we always go to enjoy ourselves here with the cafes and the bars. The school is also quite near. Trams everywhere. And then, Lara is the owner of the house, is very amazing person. She’s very kind. And I had no issues at all, and I loved them, and I wish to come back again. That’s it.”

Design student review from Turkey

“Siim: Hi, Atalay. How are you?
Atalay: I’m fine, thank you. You?
Siim: I’m good. How long you stayed here in “Colonne” apartment?
Atalay: I stay almost one year in Colonne apartment.
Siim: Yes. And where did you study? And how long it was to go there?
Atalay: I studied in Istituto Europeo di Design for one year for the master course.
Siim: Yes.
Atalay: So, I’ve just graduated. Now I’m leaving.
Siim: Yes. Okay. And is there something particular you like about the apartment or outside here near?
Atalay: Actually, I like very much this apartment because it’s very centrally located and there’s lots of transportation to reach every part of the city. It’s a very new house. The inside is new, but outside is old fashioned like traditional Italian house. You can find everything in the house, like dishwashers, heaters, air-conditioning, everything, every kind of facilities.
Siim: Okay, thank you so much.
Atalay: Thank you, bye-bye.
Siim: Bye.”

IED student review from Brazil

Bruna stayed in “Carl” apartment for almost a full year.

“Siim: Okay. Hi, Bruna.
Bruna: Hi.
Siim: You liked the Carl apartment?
Bruna: Yes, it was really good. I really enjoyed staying here.
Siim: Yeah. How long you stay here?
Bruna: I stay here… I arrived in February and now I’m leaving the end of December.
Siim: Okay. And you studied yet?
Bruna: Yes. I did a master course for brand management and communication in IED, and I actually had a really great experience because it was really close to the school.
Siim: Yes.
Bruna: And I was able to even have lunch at home so it was really practical and easy for me.
Siim: Yeah. This is nice. Okay, thank you.
Bruna: No problem.”

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