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Apartments for rent near Istituto Marangoni Milan

Natalia from Russia

Natalia is staying in “Elisa” apartment for 7 months, student of Instituto Marangoni from Russia.

“Hello, my name is Natalia and I’m here. I’ve been studying in Marangoni University. I’m from Russia. So I’ve been renting, leasing Milan apartment for seven months this year and I should say that the apartment is very nice. It’s pretty big and it’s situated in a very good area.

You have all supermarkets, restaurants, and bars and little shops around you. It’s very close to the metro station and you have nice neighborhood, nice neighbours. And the apartment was very clean. Everything is provided including all the electronics like dishwasher, washing machine, kettles and everything. So actually we really enjoyed our stay here and I hope you will enjoy it as well. Thanks.”

Adrian from Switzerland

He is a Marangoni student and stayed in “Cesar” apartment for 2 months.

“I’m Adrian from Marangoni and I was here for 2 months. It’s amazing service, I felt like home and yeah… It’s very near from the city and it’s amazing!”

Jenny from South Korea

She’s in Milan to study at Istituto Marangoni. She rented “Pagano” apartment and she had a good experience.

“OK, Hello Im Jenny. Im from Korea and I stayed in this  Pagano apartment and has been a really nice experience for me. Its really near to the metro station Pagano. You just need to walk less than 5 minutes to the station and its really easy to get to anywhere. The Duomo area or any place you want to visit in Milan. And the apartment is really nice, very clean. Interior is really modern and I really enjoyed my stay here. So yeah, definitely I would succest this apartment to anyone that is going to visit Milan. So yea, thank you.”

Larissa from Brazil

She is a Marangoni student and stayed in “Victoria” apartment for 8 months.

“S: Ok.
L: My name is Larissa, I’m from Brazil. I went to Marangoni here and I stayed in “Victoria” apartment for 8 months. Everything was really good. The apartment was very new. The neighborhood is pretty awesome, aa it was a good stay.
S: Ok
L: Yeah
S: Can I just ask you how long it was to go to Marangoni?
L: Aa 20 minutes by tram.
S: Ok, thank you.
L: Yeah you’re welcome! It’s good? :D”

Ruslan from Ukraine

He stayed in “Carl” apartment for 1 year and went to Instituto of Marangoni Design School.

“OK, my name is Ruslan. I am.. I was living here for 1 year and I really love it. It was my first time live here in Milan. To be honest about the apartment, I like everything. Very good location, very close to the supermarkets, you can go walking, I dont know, to the Duomo or where you want. Also I’ve been studing here in Instituto Marangoni wich is a Design School and I have been walking there by myself so there is no problem to get there. Lot of possibilities to go everywhere in Milano: the underground, tram, autobus (bus), everything you want, so. It’s very nice place to stay here. My reccomendaton is to be here (stay here) or something like that ;D”

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