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Apartments near Nuovo Accademia di Belle Arti – NABA Milan

3 NABA Students from Mexico

Mariana and her 2 friends Melisa and Paola lived in “Giulio” apartment for 4 months.

“We love this apartment, its cozy, we felt like home. Its really close, 15 minutes walking and everything is perfect!”

Nuovo Accademia di Belle Arti Students from Australia from India

Stuti used to live together with one of her friends, Sanya, in “Piano” apartment for 3 months.

“It was really convenient to cab from here, as the cab stop was right in front and also the apartment is really pretty and really handy. It’s a small and compact place but very convenient for everything. And it has a small balcony outside which is the best part of it. Also the apartment has a bar downstairs which is really nice and comfortable. Also the outside has some very good stores like the Simply supermarket right out the building.”

Alejandra and Isabella

They are NABA students and stayed in Milan for 5 months. They really liked their stay and the “Leonardo” apartment.

“Hi I’m Alejandra and I’m Isabella. We’re from Mexico and we rented the Leonardo apartment for 5 months. We went to NABA and school was like 10 minutes walk distance. We wound lot of streets with shops nearby. San Gottardo and Via Torino with the tram is very close, tram nr. 3 that gets you to Duomo and its very easy to get there. We really liked our stay here and the apartment is very spacy, nice and its in a quiete area and we really liked it.”

Naba Milan Student from Australia

Melanie stayed in “Leonardo” apartment for 6 months.

“I’m here studying fashion. I really love the apartment. It’s really close to everything, trains, trams, really close to the city. The apartment itself is really spacious, there’s lots of room. Everything you pretty much need to live for a student, so I would highly recommend staying if you need a place.”

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