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Politecnico di Milano Bovisa Student  from Argentina

Alberto stayed in “Navigli” apartment for 1 semester.

“It was a really good experience and a really good location for me. So thank you for everything.”

Politecnico di Milano student review from Poland

Sonya stayed in “Cesar” apartment for one semester.

“I’d like to say that it’s in a really good location, close to the city center, near the beautiful street of Brera. The apartment is really comfortable and really, really nice. You can find them everything you need to live comfortably and nice during your stay in Milan.”

Politecnico student from Argentina

Sabrina is staying in “Marta” apartment for 2 years.

“Sabrina: I’m an exchange student at Politecnico in Milano and I’ve been very pleased with with Rental Milan’s services. The apartment is an overall is just exactly as I saw in the pictures and as I saw in the 360 degrees.
Ottavia: Tour? [chuckle]
Sabrina: Tour, yes. And everything has been working perfectly, especially the internet, which I’m very pleased. And it’s very well located for me, especially with studying at Politecnico. I just have to take the metro station, and it’s like 15 minutes to get there.
Ottavia: You have full shops nearby?
Sabrina: Yes. I have everything that I need close by. Especially, I have a Simply supermarket in the corner, which is very good. And also there’s the street market every Friday, two or three blocks away from here, where I usually buy by my vegetables and fruits, and it’s very good.
Ottavia: And you would recommend this apartment to others?
Sabrina: Absolutely. I would definitely recommend it, and especially I would recommend Rental Milan because they’ve been great to me, and they’ve been very helpful.
Ottavia: Thank you.”

Michaela from Sweden

She was a Politecnico Bovisa student from Sweden stayed in Milan for 5 months. She stayed in Navigli area because she likes it a lot, even that go to school it takes her almost 40 minutes.

“S: Sorry ok.
M: Hi my name is Michaela. Im from Sweden and i’ve been studying in Milan at Politecnico over the last 5 months here. Im staying with Rental Milan here in Navigli in this apartment inside, called “Letty”. Ive been very very happy with the services that they provided. They picking me up and leaving me to the airport wich is very nice. And they are always there to help me when I have questions or I need any help or anything. The services are really good, the internet is always working, the facilities are always working so im really happy and I can reccomend it warmly. Thank you.
S: Ok, thank you. Can I just ask you how you go to school?
M: Basically this apartment isnt the best one for Politecnico because is was studying in Bovisa, so it took me almost 40 minutes to get there by tube (from Porta Genova), but the connections are fine if you are just willing to get up early in the morning, thats fine. So I take the tube from Porta Genova.
S: Because you like the apartment and you liked to stay also in the Naviglio area?
M: Exactly, the area is beautiful and its really nice to be here in the weekends and the night time.
S: OK, thank you!
M: Thank you!”

Politecnico di Milano student review from Spain

Marcus stayed in “Arena” apartment for some months.

“Josephine: Hello, I’m Josephine (mom) and he’s Marcus.
Marcus: And I’m Marcus and I came here to Milan to study Architecture.
Josephine: We found this apartment through Rent in Milan and Ottavia and Siim have been really, really helpful and helped out with everything. We like the apartment very much.
Marcus: Very good located, very clean.
Josephine: Yes. And it’s very clean, very comfortable, very practical in a beautiful building. It has everything that you need around it. So, I greatly advise it.”

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