Students Renting Milan Italy

Bocconi University students renting Milan Italy

Connor, Jack and Declan rom Ireland

“Connor: Hi. My name’s Connor, and we’re three Irish students studying at Bocconi University for the last four months.

Jack: We had a great time here. The “White” apartment was in a great location, really close to Bocconi, really close to the Navigli area, and really close to the city center, so it was perfect for us.

Declan: Also, it was great for a size of three people. We had plenty of space and it had a wonderful balcony for the summer months and when it got really warm. So, we’re really happy with the Siim apartment and it was really excellent.”

Brian from Chicago, Illinois, US

“I studied at Bocconi this past spring, and I lived at the Milano apartments with another roommate, so there was two of us here. And there are lots of great things about the apartment.

The WiFi was really consistent and strong, especially compared to a lot of my other friends’ places. It’s also a great location right next to the 15, and it would take about 10 minutes to get there from the 15, and it would take about 15, 20 minutes walking there.

There’s also a nice park next to it, and there’s also a grocery store right beneath the apartment, it’s called Esselunga, where we probably went every day and got whatever we needed for dinner and lunch.

Yeah. And about Bocconi, I would recommend studying a lot for your exams because they are usually worth a big chunk of your grade. So for example, mine was worth 70% of my final grade, and I know a couple of people that had their exams worth 100%. So that would be my advice to people studying at Bocconi.”

Student review from University of Maryland US

Trevor stayed in “Porta Genova” apartment for 4 months, with other 4 friends, junior in Bocconi University, originally from University of Maryland.

“Been staying and Renting Milan apartment for the past four months, with four other friends here at the Porta Genova apartment. I’m a junior studying at Bocconi, originally from the University of Maryland.

This has been a great experience, this apartment with five people in it. It’s very spacious. There’s three bathrooms, four bedrooms, very nice. You have your space, but you can also all be together. It’s very safe. There’s a doorman. There’s two different doors you have to go through with keys, so it’s a very safe place if you were worried about that. There’s a washing machine, but no dryer. But hanging your clothes actually feels nicer than a dryer sometimes.

The area is awesome; it’s Navigli. And there’s a lot of bars and aperitivo places, which aperitivo is very cool. Bocconi is tough. If you’re going to Bocconi, try to learn some Italian before you come here. And know that if you’re hungry between 3:00 and 7:00 on the afternoon, nothing is gonna be open. But yeah, enjoy your time in Milan.”

Bocconi University student Dana from Lebanon

Dana stayed in “Colonne” apartment for 1 year, master in Bocconi University SDA.

“Hello. I am Dana from Lebanon. I stayed in this apartment for a year while studying a master’s program in Bocconi. I actually love this apartment. It’s very convenient, very bright, the service is amazing. Ottavia and Siim always answered me for anything. They always were there to help me whenever I needed.

I love the apartment. It’s a bit noisy because of all the places that are around, which is a positive thing because we can find everything around the apartment. And also a very, very good thing that I loved about this is the transportation because we have the bus and the tram that takes me almost everywhere and a lot of spots in Milan. And that’s it. Thank you very much for this”

Alex from Australia

“Hi, I’m Alex from Australia. I’ve been staying in the studio apartment. It’s great, located really close to Bocconi, where I’ve been studying for the past six months. Great location to going in to the center of Milan. It’s quiet, perfect size for one or two people, and it’s a really great apartment.”

University of Bocconi exchange students

They stayed in one of Rental Milan managed apartments for 4 months.

“Hi, im Hannah, this is Nicole and Jack. Were studing at the University of Bocconi and were excange students from university of Maryland. We are studing here for 4 months.
Nicole: So what we liked about the apartment the most, how cousy it was, the size of it was very nice and we had our space. Was nice to come back here, felt like home after long trips we had and we liked it a lot.
Jack: And there is also a market every single friday just outside of the door and university of bocconi is just 5-10 minutes walk away. Its very nice.”

Alex from Austin, Texas, US

He is a Bocconi University student and Renting Milan apartment for 4 months.

Hi, im Alex. I came to Milan for 4 months to study at Bocconi University. Was able to get very nice apartment in a greate location truh Rental Milan, perfectly located, about 10 minutes walking from the school.

Create communication between me beeing the renter and the people of Rental Milan Siim and Ottavia. Its really been a create experience and really enjoying staying in the apartment. Perfectly located, very nice apartment and has been all around very nice experience.

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