Students from Argentina

Students from Argentina Video Reviews

Leandro from Argentina

He is a Politecnico Phd student and stayed in “Flora” apartment for 8 months with his wife Giuliana.

“So, good evening, my name is Leandro, im here with my wife Giuliana. We came here in Milano 2 years ago to study and we been here in Flora apartment for 8 months. This apartment is located not in the centre of Milan like Duomo but the neighborhood is really really nice. Is a residential neighborhood and its just 2 stops (metro) from the Naviglio, where you can find restaurants and make the traditional apperitivo in the evening. What else? The apartment is very nice, its bright all day but in the morning is the moment, when the sunshine is the brighter. We have supermarket here in 200m, its open 24h (not anymore! closes 11:30pm), its very convienient. Internet runs very good. If you have any kind of problem in the apartment you can always speak with Siim and he is always available and he can always come to the apartment and solve the problem there is. :D”

Hector from Argentina

Macarena is a student from Argentina and she was living in Milan for 10 months when she was attending a course in “Marangoni” Institute.

“Hi my name is Macarena. I’ll live here in the apartment in Milan for rent – “Pagano” – for 10 months and its very nice and beautiful.
Also the owner is amazing and RentalMilan cave me so many services that help me to live here.
The apartment in near the metro station just around the corner so its very easy get to the center and around the apartment you will find anything you need.”

Hector from Argentina

Bocconi University student Hector from Argentina renting out “Claudia” apartment January-May 2014.

“Hello I’ve been staing in Claudia for 5 months. Im from Argentina. I came to Milan to study.
I fully recommend Claudia apartment in Milan because its very well located. Is 5 minutes away from very nice areas where you can do lot of stuff and also it’s very well located to Navigli area, Piazza 24 Maggio, Ticino.
Everything went very well. The apartment is super nice, really comfortable. The neighbours are super nice too.
Also Ottavia and her crew where super nice. They made everything happy and I’ll wish all the luck to whoever wants to stay here because its fully reccomandable apartment.”

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Ottavia Tagliavini

Hello, I’m Ottavia Tagliavini, your local personal assistant, the manager of this website since 2007 and the owner of the apartment called Otty. How can I help you?

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