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Student review from Dubai

“Hello, I’m Naina, and I was staying at “Claudia” Apartment and it was amazing. It is in a very good location, and the apartment is amazing, and Siim and Ottavia both were great. I was staying here for 15 months and it was just perfect so I would just recommend everyone to pop in for the apartment.”

Anna from Dubai

Anna from Dubai, student of IULM, stayed in IULM Studio apartment for 7 months from December – July 2014. She had everything what she needed.

“Hi Anna!
You stayed here in this apartment, “IULM Studio”, for 7 months. From December to July.
What you would like to say about this apartment? It had everything you needed for to live here for like quite long period of time or…?
Yes, I was very facinated by the apartment. It was very close to IULM and I liked this place very much because of the very much sunlight very confortable and very modern and it was a good place for me just because it was very close where I wanted to go like to the university, to the shop.
And you went to IULM right?
And the metro, Romolo?
Noo, to the metro to Romolo I just had my bike or I used to go the station, like 10 minutes away.
Ok and.. and.. what else?
Its a very nice apartment as you see.
Even if its a studio apartment.
You was afraid little bit before renting here because its a studio apartment, or at the end it wasnt a problem?
For me was confortable when my friends used to come over, there was a bed that could have been opened. I used to have place for them to stay. Its not as small as it looks. And its very beautiful, lightful and space is very good as you see. There are lots of rooms (to but things away).
Lets say that its too little.
No, its not too little. Beautiful weather, winter and summer wise. I had very much confort in this apartment.
Ok. Thank you Anna.
Thank you!”

Ornella from Dubai

She’s in Milan to study at Scuola Politecnica di Design (SDA). She rented “Nelson” apartment and she had a good experience. “It’s amazing, close the university, to the supermarket, it’s comfortable and I would recommend it”.

“Ornella: Hi, Im Ornella. Im originally from Lebanon but raised in Dubai. And Ive been in this apartment almost a year now. And I got it truh Ottavia and Siim from RentalMilan and its amaising. Ottavia and Siim are the best!. And I study in SPD, its very close, 3-4 minutes drive away.
Ottavia: And the apartment is confortable, is good located, is quiete, did you have a nice stay in this apartment?
Ornella: I really enjoyed the apartment, its close to most things like supermarket and you also have the fun lucation and near to my university and everything.
Ottavia: Perfect.
Ornella: Apartment is very confortable.
Ottaiva: You would reccomend it?
Ornella: Yes, definetaly.
Ottavia: Thank you, thankyou Ornella.”

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