Students from other outside EU

Students from other outside EU countries

Francisco from Chile

“Okay. I’m Francisco. I’m from Chile. And I’m staying here because I’m studying in Bocconi. I’ve been here for about a month. “Daniela” apartment is very comfortable, very spacious. I’m also renting the apartment for another 12 months, so 13 months total.

And I’m very happy, both with the apartment and with Rental Milan service. They are very, very caring people. They wanna make sure that you are comfortable here, that everything is taken care of, and of course, everything is suited to your needs, which I think is something very important. Especially if you’re coming with probably a spouse or children. I came with my wife and my three-year-old son.

We are very happy to be here. We are very, very happy with the service as well. The apartment is walking distance from Bocconi and it also has quite good amenities, which make it a lot easier for you to say in your transition from wherever you’re living to here.

We have supermarkets nearby, also the subway station is two minutes away. So far, we had a great experience here, so I definitely recommend it. We were a little hesitant at first because we did everything over the internet, but this service is very, very reliable and we’re very happy with our choice.”

Art student review from Jacarta

Hi, I’m Andisa. I came from Jakarta. I found Rental Milan in website and now I just finished my rent for one and a half year in “Luca“. This quite nice place and for the facilities I can have cleaning lady for every two weeks. It’s possible to find in Milan. So and the landlord also, is really nice person to cooperate with. And I guess you have to more check what’s going on in for more info. Thank you.

Student review from New Zealand

“Hi. I’m Joyce from New Zealand. I live in this “Francis” apartment for a month, and it’s really good. It’s brand new, it’s near the metro station, it’s very convenient, and I recommend it to everyone who wants to come in Milan.”

Helena from Panama

She stayed in this “Daniela” apartment for 3 months to studied in Accademia Italiana Chef.

“S: Hi, Im Siim from RentalMilan, im here in “Daniela” apartment together with Helena from Panama. Hi, Helena!
H: Hello!
S: How long you stayed in this “Daniela” aparment?
H: 3 months.
S: Ok, and you studied where?
H: Accademy Chef Milano intensive cooking courses.
S: Yes and it was in the centre, right?
H: Yes in Bono Cairoli (not so center :D)
S: And how many minutes to reach your school?
H: It was about 20 minutes. I took the metro here in Porta Romana wich is a quick walk and I changed in Duomo and got there fast.
S: And how is to live here in the middle of Navigli and Porta Romana?
H: I think its nice, because I have all the places to go out near. Also the restaurants, supermarkets, market on fridays, places to buy clothes, everything I need.
S: So you have everything here near, nice. And something you really liked about the aparment?
H: I liked it had everything. I didnt need to buy nothing, actually. it had so much space I didnt use also. Its very big, specially for Milan, I really liked it.
S: Ok, ok. Thank you!
H: Thank you!”

Engy from Egypt

She studied 1 year in SPD and stayed in “Leonardo” apartment. She is happy with the location, apartment and service she got from RentalMilan.

“Hi my name is Engy. Im Egiptian and I studied in SPD nad I lived in this apartment here in via Pietro Pomponazzi. The location is amaising. Its close to everything, to the metros, to the buses. There are supermarkets outside. Theres shops. Aa jaa, location is amazing. Apartment is very quiete, confortable. Everything you need is around you and its fully serviced and functional. The service I got from Rental Milan is amazing, I reccomend it to everyone, and yeah.. OK!”

Meriem from Marocco

She’s studying at ESE, school of Economics in Milan. She was renting “IULM Gray” apartment for 1 month. “It’s very comfortable, there are markets everywhere, I recommend this apartment for everybody!”.

“Hello Im Meriam. Im from Marocco. I just stayed in this apartment for like a month. Its very confortable, safe. There is markets everywhere, and I would reccomend this rental apartments for everybody. Its good for students, for travellers, vacations. OK.”

Burgo Fashion school student from Ecuador

Gracia stayed in “Clara” apartment for 4 months.

“Hi, my name is Gracia, I’m from Ecuador. I’ve been staying here in Milan for four months. I lived in Clara, which is a super, super nice apartment, is for 1 person and you pretty much find everything. If you want to go to Duomo, you will find it in 20 minutes, by foot. And also there is a supermarket right on the corner, the subway station is one block away. Siim and Ottavia will help you with everything, and Milan is a super friendly city to live in. Yeah.”

3 students from Singapore

They are from Singapore and stayed in “Leonardo” apartment for 4 months.

“Hi im Melanie, this is Cammon, this is Tika. We are students of Bocconi University and we are from Singapore and we are staying in the “Leonardo” Rental Milan apartment.
Cammon: So basically the apartment is very nice and cosy and can accomodate 3 of us and we also have like a very nice and friendly neigbhour like always help us in some way. And basically is very convienient to our school, we are studing in Bocconi, takes like 15 minutes around to walk to around to walk to school or you can travel by tram wich takes 3 tram stops so maybe less than 10 minutes.
Tika: Anything else to say? Cammon: No!
Tika: Ok anyway the Rental Milan people, Siim and Ottavia, have been very helpful, because hearing from my friends how they are finding houses, I mean these are lot of problem. Basically what they do is make things very easy for us and its very nice for them to do it.
S: Can I just ask how many months you where here?
All: Whe where here for 4 monhts, yes 4 months.
S: Thank you.
All: Thank you Siim!”

Yvonne from Singapore

She studied in the Bocconi University, together with her 2 friends, in Spring 2015 for 4 months.

“Hi, I’m Yvonne. So we stayed in this apartment for 4 months and our host is very nice. Our agents are very nice as well. The apartment is very close to the university. So it is street walk away, about 10 to 15 minutes away. We enjoyed our stay a lot.”

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