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Couple from US studing Italian in Milan

Mike and Jennifer stayed in “Flora” apartment for six months.

“Mike: Hi, I’m Mike. This is my wife Jennifer. We’re here for six months. We’re staying in the Flora apartment. We’ve been here about three months now. The apartment’s been great for us. It’s exactly what we’re looking for. We are finding it very, very comfortable staying here. Ottavio was a great help in finding just the right apartment for us.
Jennifer: Yeah. The thing I most appreciated is that the apartment is exactly as it was presented on the website. So when we walked in, it was exactly what we had expected. There really is that much light in the apartment. The windows are fantastic. And it’s a great location. It’s just a five-minute walk to the metro. And it’s about a seven-minute walk to the supermarket, which is open until 11:00 at night. It’s been… It was an excellent choice.
Mike: Yeah.”

Nathalia from US

She stayed in Milan in “Darsena” apartment, in the month of September for vacation.

“S: Hi Nathalia, we are here in Darsena apartment and I would like just to ask you about the apartment and that I know that you was living here alone for 1 month. I would like to ask you how you find the apartment and what you think about the apartment.
N: Yeah everything was perfect. I came for a month for vacation and I staied here. Everything was perfect. The location, the apartment was very comfortable.
S: Yeah and about the location, metro is near and…
N; Yeah Porta Genova is right here, like just 2 minutes walking and then you can get the metro or the tram or the bus.
S: OK, but about the apartment what you liked the most like, I dont know, what you liked?
N: Everything, the bedroom is very confortable, its a good lighting and its fresh.
S: You had space for everything?
N: I had space for everything.
S: And the street wasnt too noisy, like…?
N: No, just a little bit 😉
N: But its normal
S: Yes, ok becuase we are in Milano :D, Ok, Ok. THank you.
N: Thank you!”

Fiorella from Paraguay

She stayed in Milan “Otty” apartment in the month of August with is mom and dad for vacation.

Ciao, sono Fiorella dal Paraguay, Sud America e sono venuta qui in Milano e sono stati in appartamento di Ottavia. Molto comodo, perche vicino tutto e anche molto pulito e bene accomodato. Siamo stati contento e con mio famiglia siamo in 3. Molto comodo e grazie mille.
Hello, I’m Fiorella from Paraguay, South America and came here in Milan and were in the apartment of Octavia. Very convenient, because all around and also very clean and well arranged. We have been happy with my family and we are very comfortable 3 and thank you very much.”

Baha from Libya

He came to Milan to go to the Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico. He is renting “Ripamonti” apartment for 1 month.

“Hello everyone. I’m Baha from Libya. I came here in Milan for small operation – medical treathment.
I was looking online some of the apartments and I went to RentalMilan website. It was quite good website actually. They also managed to show me the apartment before the rent. And I choose this apartment because it was like very good apartment and was close to the center.
Operation went fine. I really reccomend you to visit the website you can see the apartments and have also very good choices so take my advise. Bye!”

Heinz from Switzerland

He stayed here in Milan for 2 months in “Nelson” apartment to enjoy EXPO 2015 Milan and all other things the city has to offer.

“OK Hi Siim. I very like Nelson. I was 2 months in the apartment. 8 times in EXPO 2015 Milan. I like Milano: the city, culture, trattorie. I like all of it! Thank you for… I dont know…. Thank you!
OK. Ciao Siim. Mi piace molto Nelson. Sono 2 mesi in appartamento. 8 volte EXPO 2015 Milano. Mi piace Milano: la città, la cultura, i ristoranti, trattorie. Tutto mi piace! Grazie per… noloso…. Grazie!”

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