US Students Studying in Milan

US Students studying in Milan in Bocconi University

Students Kate and Sabrina from US review

“Kate: Okay. Hi, I’m Kate and this is Sabrina, and we’ve been living at the “Bocconi” apartment for the last four months. We’re both from the United States, and it’s been a great time.
Sabrina: The booking process was really easy with this Rental Milan Group. It was a really smooth process, really easy to do. The apartment is great. It’s about 7 to 10 minute walk from campus, which has proved to be probably the best aspect of it. It’s just so easy. ‘Cause a lot of our friends are so far away from campus, which makes it hard for them. But it’s great for us. There’s grocery stores near by. The public transport’s really easy to figure out from the apartment. And it’s a great, comfortable… It’s a very good size for just the 4-month lease. And yeah, it’s been a great time. We love it. [chuckle]”

Maimouna from New York

She stayed in this “Studio” apartment for few months to studied in Bocconi University.

“Hi, is my name is Maimouna, I came from New York. I was in Milan to take some classes in Bocconi University and I was living in this beautiful apartment, as you can see and I really loved my stay here. The apartment is located in a very convienient in Milan and surrounded by lot of restaurants and nightlife and you know everything is very close by. Very convienient, you have drug stores, supermarkets, basically everything you need. The apartments is actually very cousy, very confortable and has really everything you need. The kichenet is perfect. I liked that there was a small wache so I could do all my loundry (always included 😉 ) the bathroom is very clean and easy to use, and the shower is very… you know, everything is very modern and confortable in this apartment and its basically everything you need for to stay in Milan. I enjoyed staying here and I reccomend everybody who visit Milan its a create place to stay.”

Anne-Catherine from US

She stayed at the “Dona” apartment for 4 months with her friend and studied at the Boccony University.

“Hi, my name is Anne-Catherine and Im from United States. Ive lived in the Dona apartment for the past 4 months, studying in Bocconi University and this apartment was create. I lived here in the apartment with another girl. Each had their own room. There is also room in the tin? for overnight guests if you want people to come to visit. And about 10 or so minute walk from school so super easy to get there and its also close to the nearest metro and tram wich i wound very nice to get to the center of the city so I would highly recommend this apartment for everyone studying abroad or just traveling for a while.”

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